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MIDI mapping

the cmdr allows to learn or select the MIDI message(s). select one or more commands and bind them accordingly.


is for folks who know the implementation of their controllers. clicking this button allows you to select from all possible MIDI messages. it can be a note or a control change.

for notes, we decided to provide an octave selector. so you do not need to scroll through a plain list of over hundred notes, instead you select the note and then select the octave. the cc select lists are also split in smaller chunks.


activates listening for MIDI messages on the port the device is attached to. if a fader or knob is moved, or a knob is pressed on the selected controller, the message is received and listening stops.

that should be convenient enought. the learn shortcut is CTRL+L. the learn mode is only available if a MIDI controller is found in the system.


there are occasions where you need to bind two MIDI messages to a command. this can be done using the [Combo] button. after you learned or selected the first note/cc, click this button (it will turn yellow) and learn or select another message. this will lead to a note expression like CC.042+CC.031.

channel selector

an alleviation is the channel selector which is not tied to the note/cc anymore. this is great to just move a complete mapping from channel 10 to channel 9. for those who want to. (this is in testing)

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