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feature: diff for devices

Oct 7, 2016 at 8:40 AM
when working with different mappings that only differ slightly it´s sometimes hard to keep track of all the bugfixes and tweaks i do on different versions. sure, this might be due to device naming or file organization issues on my side ;) but still, i´d like to suggest a feature to make cmdr for suitable for working on different versions of traktor mappings.

feature suggestion
in Extras insert a window that lets you select two (or even more) devices of the loaded tsi files. you´ll see a Mappings datagrid that has a dropdown below.

select "only same commands on same assignment" and you´ll get the intersection of commands that appear in both devices. select "only same comands on same binding", an you´ll get all same commands regardless of assignment, but the binding has to match. last option would be "only identical commands" would be narrowest intersection possible.

colorcoding of differing condition, interaction and comment, would be a nice thing to quickly grasp the enhancements from one device to another.

in best case, both devices would be editable via this window (no new commands, but edit the existing ones).

what do you think?
Jan 8 at 3:48 PM
again, this is something very useful