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[ui] command filter

Apr 20, 2016 at 8:29 PM
a filter method to narrow down the rows in the command table would help a lot and i´d like to suggest and discuss that feature here.

first idea is a simple filter out of the View menu.
  • View > show only In commands
  • View > show only Out commands
  • View > show only w/o MIDI binding
while at it, the search input field could be extended to be a filter as well. i.e. entering a word of at least three letters could hide all command rows without matching data in any cell (or setting).

the sorting is rather fast already, imagine to harness that speed for the filter. it would make editing that one feature a breeze.
Jan 8 at 3:48 PM
defeently useful to only have in / general string etc

this nice request reminds me how the wireshark packet snffer works. it updates the list dynamically while you write your filter